Tracking Assets is critical for any operation. Simply knowing if an asset is present or not can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in loss. Cloud Collected offers RFID Asset Tracking solutions for fixed and mobile assets, high value assets (including personnel), monitoring and tracking assets between locations and vehicles, tracking special high value assets that are used by numerous parties and much more. Cloud Collected asset tracking solutions are tailored to specific industries and can be further customized from there.

Access Control

RFID Access Control solutions provide automatic and tracked seamless access to your secure facility. We offer several configurations of gate/door modules and provide you with all the nessecary hardware and software you need to get up and running.

Dynamic Asset Management

Dynamic Asset Management (DAM) takes the idea of simple asset tracking much further than just asset presence. With Cloud Collected dynamic solutions, each transaction or activity performed with an asset is logged and tied to accountable personnel. Reports are obtained from the cloud and cannot be tampered with by anyone. Look no further for strong accountability with your assets.

Temperature Monitoring

Cloud Chain™ is a full-service RFID Temperature Monitoring solution providing real-time temperature monitoring, automated alerts, with detailed analysis and reporting capabilities, while the asset moves through the supply chain. Perfect for any asset that needs temperature monitoring from -40C to 45C (-40F ~ 113F).

Real-Time Asset Tracking

What is Cloud Collected?

Cloud Collected turnkey RFID solutions harness Wireless, RFID, Sensor, Biometric and other technologies to provide Dynamic Asset Management (DAM) Real Time monitoring, tracking, and managing for single or multiple sites and locations.

Cloud Collected Total Solutions as a Service (TSaaS) are hosted RFID solutions that are fitted to your needs, easy to implement, and capable of expansion at any time.

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