Cloud Hosting Assurance Statement

At Cloud Collected, we pride ourselves on the our product offerings as well as our offer of great customer service, happy to take ownership of any question you have at any time you might have it. Our total hosted RFID solutions are typically cloud-based or can be licensed via a tether system.

Many customers are interested in a standalone system they can install and maintain themselves. While we understand the rationale for this, standalone solutions come with additional risk factors, reduced availability and features over Cloud Collected offerings. Cloud Collected, LLC provides lower risk, higher availability and enhanced features over a standalone solution.

This document provides some of the Features and Benefits why business and IT decision-makers should start taking advantage of our Cloud Collected offerings.

Feature Set

Standalone systems are typically limited by data entry options and data access options. Using any web enabled device, our cloud offerings allow you to enter and manipulate data from anywhere using tools and hardware you are already familiar with.

With CC cloud subscription services, your data can be accessed by anyone you grant an account to or even though our API so your programs can tie into our data stream as you desire. Imagine the power of being able to check asset or employee data from anywhere you have an internet connection?.

Standalone solutions do not offer such flexibility to your information.

Data Synchronization

Do you have multiple locations or plans to include additional locations? Why gather data from each location when you can manage and view all locations and all data in one cloud interface?

Fewer upfront costs

Unlike traditional business applications which require users to acquire a perpetual license fee and make a capital investment in servers to support the applications, Cloud Connected solutions are available on a pay-as-you-go basis by time segments determined by your needs.

Rapid Deployment

Cloud Collected solutions can be rolled out whenever you’re ready. No need to wait for servers to be deployed or staff to be hired and trained to get a new solution up and running.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Not only can organizations avoid the upfront costs of traditional software perpetual licenses and servers, but they can also redirect their limited in-house staff from the tedium of ongoing support. This helps to reduce the overall TCO of the solution.

Quicker Access to Innovation

The Cloud Collected platform enables end-users to always have the latest software updates and upgrades that their legacy software counterparts have to download and manually install. All Cloud Collected users receive timely and automatic updates with solution enhancements based on the global Cloud Collected user base and technology advances. Every user gets to share the innovations of their peers without having to worry about the updates and enhancements disrupting their unique configurations or changing their internal security.

Better Reliability and Security

Cloud Collected uses hardened state of the art servers that can only be accessed by SSL (Secured Socket Layers) which gives you banking level of security with any device you choose to use. If additional security is required, we can optionally add a VPN to your solution to allow only authorized devices to touch your cloud device. Cloud Collected web servers all have an uptime of 99.99% or better depending on the hosting options you choose so your reliability is far superior to what a standalone application can provide.

Rest assured, with our Backup & Recovery model, your data is always safe. We deliver off-site backups that continuously capture your entire system configuration to an off-site facility; so recovery of your information is quick and easy.

Greater Utilization

Since Cloud Collected solutions are designed with the end-user and end-user access management in mind, they are more user-friendly and accessible which generates a greater utilization rate than traditional, legacy applications.

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