GP Laptop Tracking System

Laptop Tracking Solution

Our GPS Laptop Tracking solution utilizes a specifically designed GPS Device to provide laptop asset location information in real time for your fleet of laptops or other small high-value assets that are frequently reported missing.

The device is designed to be installed inside of your laptop devices which provides a hidden tracking method for your assets. The major advantage of this approach over software-based trackers is that this tracking works even if the laptop is turned off or even if the hard drive is formatted.

The system is designed to collect GPS data from our embedded remote monitoring device using a cellular network to communicate with the cloud.
The cloud system aggregates data from your fleet of devices and allows you to search for specific devices location logs.

From the cloud site, you can quickly and easily view asset location activity data for your high value assets. When a devices is reported stolen, you can track the device as it moves in real time.

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Easy Setup & Installation

Customize Software
Customize Your Solution

Decide the number of tags needed and options.

Components Package
You Receive the Package

The package will include everything you need to get up and running.

Adjust Settings
Adjust Settings

Adjust settings and data map on the cloud per each device.

RFID Keyfod Tag
Install Devices and Monitor

Install GPS Tracker inside of your assets and retrieve GPS data from the cloud.

GPS Asset Tracking System


At the heart of the system lies a powerful cloud based software tool-set that allows users to view real-time data on asset location usage as well as historic logs of asset activity. Accessible for authorized users from any device with an internet connection and browser.

Provides a quick real-time, auto-updating view of each asset status.
Asset View
Manage asset data to tie in serial numbers, names and other data to map to your tracked device.
GPS View
View a map of the GPS location history for an asset showing a path connecting each data point to tell a story of the asset history.
Transaction Reporting
Query the system for asset location data based on Date Range and Asset information filters. Export the data to excel for further analysis.
GPS Tracking System

Features and Components

GPS Device - Length: 9.5cm
- Width: 5.3cm
- Breadth: 0.3cm
- SIM Card Required
Other Options - Wi-Fi Hot spot
Power - Backup power (runs 2 days with no laptop battery power)
Cloud Software
Live Tag Monitor Shows the user the current location of an asset in real time.
Historic Tag Monitor Render a date range with connecting lines to show a path for a given asset with data points.
Tag Association Associate your tag device with various data such as serial numbers and names.
Data Transactions Log reports may be exported to Excel for custom analysis and backup

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