Asset and Personnel System

All-In-One Solution

Our Real-time RFID Mobile Asset and Personnel Monitoring solution utilizes RFID tags to provide the status of assets and personnel on the go.

First, set up the required assets and individuals to monitor. Next, distribute tags to your personnel and affix tags to assets. Optionally, you may add additional information for each tag such as employee information or asset information.

Before Departure: Validate that all assets and individuals are in the vehicle in the proper position before departure.

At the Scene: Tags are always monitored and logging which assets are out of the vehicle and being used.

Before Leaving: Before the leaves the scene, users can quickly check to make sure all assets and personnel are accounted for on a real-time screen. Any missing assets can be quickly found using their last location.

Cloud Collected asset management solutions handle all tagged assets including personnel so you can "see", "find", "trace", "transfer", "maintain", "summarize", assets that are tied to your cloud management solution. Data collected within the solution can be viewed on any internet capable device as well as data extraction for use in other software programs.

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Easy Setup & Installation

Customize Software
Customize Your Solution

Decide which RFID tags suit your needs and the number of tags needed.

Components Package
You Receive the Package

The package will include everything you need to get up and running - RFID hardware, RFID tags and software needed.

Adjust Settings
Adjust Settings

Set up how long a tag should be missing before you receive an alert.

RFID Keyfod Tag
Distribute Tags and Monitor

Provide tags to your personnel and attach tags to assets.

EMC/EMT Vehicle Assets and Personnel Tracking System

Complete Package

With our simple RFID Total Solutions As A Service (TSaaS), we can provide a real-time view of assets and individuals in your vehicle.


  • Standalone Our Total Solutions As A Service (TSaaS) is configured to come with all required hardware and software.
  • Hosted This solution can be linked to multiple vehicles using our cloud platform. When data is on the cloud, you can manage tag data and run collective reports for deep analysis of your asset and personnel history.
  • Tags and Reader Want to use your own Android device? We can work with you to ensure the device will work with our system and provide the reader and tags you need.

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RIFD Tag Options

Long Range Personnel Badge Tag

Long Range Personnel Badge Tag

Standard ID card footprint for attaching photo identification cards, Dynamic Tag Tracking

  • Up to 5 year battery life warranty. Unique "Sleep" feature
  • Adjustable read range from 2 ~ 200 meters (600 feet) with standard antennas and up to 500 meters ( 1,500 feet) with our special antennas
  • Optional Tamper Switches; Duress Buttons and motion sensing capability
  • Optional built in HIF Prox, iClass, Mifare, DESfire and other RFID IC's
  • Optional Motion Sensor

Long Range Personnel or Patient Bracelet Tag

Attaches to person's wrist or ankle using standard Hospital ID straps

  • Continuously monitored and tracked when used to detect when wearer approaches designated area zones
  • Unique "Sleep" feature provides battery life up to 5 years
  • Tag can be chemincally sterlized
  • Adjustable traqnsmission range from 0.6 m to 70 m (2 feet ~ 200 feet)
  • Optional Duress Button - built in membrane push button for manual call applications
Long Range Personnel or Patient Bracelet Tag
Long Range Keyfob Tag

Long Range Keyfob Tag

  • Adjustable read range of 0.3 m ~ 200 m ( 1 foot ~ 600 feet)
  • Optional Motion Sensing capability
  • Long range Keyfobs easily identify personnel in Cars, Trucks, and Busses for Gate Access Control at Military Bases, Bus Terminals, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Mines, and all kinds of Commerical Facilities
  • These tags do not have to be "seen" by the reader to be correctly identified
  • Optional Motion Sensor

Long Range Vehicle/Asset Tag

  • Easily attaches to all surfaces, including metal
  • Vehicle Tags can be monitored at 300+ mph
  • Dynamic Tag Tracking
  • High impact resistant UV stalilized PVC case, ultrasonically welded and sealed
  • Adjustable read range from 2 ~ 200 meters (600 feet) with standard antennas and over 500 meters ( 1,500 feet) with our special antennas
Long Range Vehicle/Asset Tag
EMC/EMT Vehicle Assets and Personnel Tracking System

Features and Components

RFID Hardware
RFID Tags Choice of:
  • - Badge RFID Tag
  • - Bracelet RFID Tag
  • - Keyfob RFID Tag
  • - Asset RFID Tag
Portable RFID Reader 433 MHz / Bluetooth
Supports 1 Antenna: from 0-1500 foot read range depending on enviroment, antenna and tags used.
Rugged Tablet Optional: you may provide your own approved Android v4 or greater device.
We offer a 7-inch rugged Android tablet approved for use with our portable reader.
Android Software
Tag Association Optional: You may choose to simply use tag numbers if you prefer to not associate tags.

- Link tag to the name of the individual or asset.
- Link tag to a photo of the individual.
- Add additional information to each asset or individual.
Tag Monitor Display details of any tags that are are missing and how long they have been missing.
Displays - Graph View: shows a graphical view of all seen tags by proximity.
- List View: displays all tags in a list view.
Find Tags Missing an asset or individual?
- Have the system alert you when the tag is seen again.
- View the GPS location the tag was last seen.
Alerts - Setup how much time can pass before a tag is reported as missing.
- Audible / Visible alerts settings (Android system sounds / LED and graphical alerts available)

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