Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
Cloud Chain, Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

All-In-One Solution

Each day a large number of trucks and trailers on the highways are moving chilled, refrigerated or frozen goods from production facilities to distribution and warehouse facilities. Some use Temperature data loggers to track the actual inside trailer temperatures, some do not. Different types of temperature sensors perform data logging - but none are accurate on a pallet by pallet basis and none are real time. Until now.

Cloud Chain™ all-inclusive solution uses individual temperature sensors to observe an asset's temperature on a pallet level, record this information, and send it to the cloud-based system immediately for real time data collection. This allows you to become pro-actively aware of a problem before your assets are destroyed, not after the fact.

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Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Cloud Chain™ real-time temperature monitoring solution harnesses wireless temperature sensors to monitor assets current temperature conditions against a preset standard. If the built-in alert system notices an asset's temperature is outside the desire temperature range (set by the administrator), an alert message is sent to who is actually moving the assets and the person who oversees the in transit shipment.

The temperature data is sent to our cloud software where it can be further analyzed by shipment administrators before the trip has even ended. Temperature trends can be captured on a trip and pallet level of detail.

Key Features

  • Built-in Alert System Send automated SMS or email alerts when an asset's temperature falls outside a desired temperature range. Take a pro-active approach and be aware of a problem before any assets are destroyed.
  • GPS Capture Be aware of assets locations if/when they breach a temperature threshold.
  • Analysis Examine time and temperature data of an asset and assets near the target asset.
  • Web-based Application Accessible from any web browser (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer) via a secure website URL.

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Temperature Monitoring Solution

Analysis Visibility

Beyond the real time abilities of the system lies a powerful analysis tool set that can assist in making decisions on truck packing, transit times, locations and more.

View all of your trips and their status in one place. Know which trips are having issues immediately and drill into them for further analysis.
Full View
Shows all sensors and average temperatures in sectors.
Analyze sensors and related sensors data.
Graph View
View sensor (and optionally related sensors) temperature variations over time. Click to view GPS location at a specific time.
GPS View
Watch the trip progress and average, high, low temperatures.
Trip Log
View a log of all trip alerts.

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Temperature Monitoring Solution

Features and Components

Sensors Choice of:
- Mobile Sensor
- Permanent Sensor * Power must be supplied
Mobile Rugged Tablet Each truck will need a custom rugged tablet to capture and forward temperature data from the sensors.
Additional data charges apply depending on your agreement. You may choose to provide your own SIM for the tablet.
Local Collection Agents
Tablet Software Custom software running on our tablet will display live temperature data and details to the driver. The tablet can also alert the driver to any temperature breach.
Cloud Synchronization Local agents sync data back to the cloud. If there is no cell coverage at any given time, the tablet acts as a local notification system for the driver to be aware of any temperature breach.
Cloud Software
access anywhere through any browser
User Access - Grant your office staff access either by each location or across the entire organization.
- View logs of user activity.
Manage Trips - Setup temperature thresholds and other settings by each trip.
- View active trips summary in real time.
- Drill down on a trip to examine temperature data.
- Drill down on a sensor to run reports on trends and surrounding assets trends.
- View map of GPS and temperature activity for the duration of the trip.
Alerts Setup SMS or Email alerts from your system for:
- Temperature range breach
- Extended location outage
API Looking to synchronize your current vehicle database system with ours? We offer a full RESTful API that allows you to get your data in real time.
- Trip and Asset Synchronization
- Asset Temperature Data Pull

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