How it Works

Real-Time Gate Access Management solution harnesses wireless RFID sensors to monitor moving assets and their proximity to a centralized targeted access point (or multiple points). If the built-in alert system notices an asset has entered a specific proximity of the gate, the gate system is notified and one of two things can happen depending on your needs - access is granted or access is denied.

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Allow Access.

Real-Time Gate Access Management

Deny Access.

Real-Time Gate Access Management

Easy Setup & Installation

Customize Software
We Customize
Your Solution

Once we determine your requirements, we configure a package to fit into your location.

Components Package
You Receive
the Package

The package will include everything you need to get up and running - from the RFID hardware and RFID tags to gate hardware and software needed.

Components Package

Components will be installation ready - all you will need to do is attach them to your desired location.

Attach RFID Tag
to Asset

Depending on the tag-type, attach it to your assets.

Real-Time Gate Access Management

Complete Package

Our real-time Gate Access Management solution is a turnkey solution - we provide everything needed to get up and running. Our solution can be configured to include:

  • RFID Hardware including RFID tags, antennas and readers
  • Required Gate Hardware or gate controller integration components for your specific needs (optional)
  • All Software
    • Local Gate Access Controller Software (Collection Agents)
  • Hardware Support Services for multiple year support (optional)

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Real-Time Driveway Access Management

Features and Components

RFID Hardware
RFID Tags Choice of:
  • UHF Gen 2 Passive Tags
  • 433 MHz Active Tags
RFID Readers Multiple readers per location allowed
RFID Antennas Choice of over 100 antenna types depending on your installation and asset reading needs.
Note: Additional mounting hardware may be required depending on your setup.
Gate Hardware
Gate Controllers If you need a gate controller and gate hardware, we are a certified Toro reseller and can provide necessary gate hardware.
Gate Interface If you already have a gate controller, we offer a relay module with both Normally Opened (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) options to open and close the gate. Simply tie the lines into your current gate hardware.
Power Requirements
Remote - Solar If your gate is in a remote location without local power, you will need a solar power system with battery backup. We can provide components to you or help you arrange for a remote power source.
Local Local power is required to power the gate and RFID hardware.
Local Collection Agents
Micro-controller A Micro-controller will be installed at each gate location to control all hardware components (RFID Readers/Antennas and Gate Interfaces).
The controller manages gate operations based on RFID activity.
Data Synchronization Need logs or asset management? Local agents may optionally be synchronized with other systems you may already have.

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