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At Cloud Collected, we come to work every day to solve the biggest problem in the RFID industry. Everyone is guessing about how to deploy RFID correctly. Often times, the wrong RFID technology is chosen for an application - there are actually 6 ISM RFID frequencies - 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 433 MHz, 865 ~ 960 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Vendors that only sell RFID hardware do not have application specific software solutions to turn the selected hardware into actual data that can be processed and used. There is an overall lack of knowledge and understanding about RFID that results in many frustrating experiences, turning potential users away from the capabilities and benefits of using RFID.

Instead of frustration, Cloud Collected offers Plug N Play RFID Total Solutions as a Service (TSaaS) designed and proven for specific applications. We combine the best possible hardware and software to create a true "Turnkey" solution for your specific needs. Our Total Solutions as a Service (TSaaS) are fitted to your needs, easy to implement, and capable of expansion at any time.

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Cloud Collected is to utilize automated technology enablers (such as RFID, Wireless, Sensors, Biometrics, Encryption and more) to qualify, collect and present your data for your specific needs - all in a solution that can be implemented and expanded easily.

Cloud Collected Overview

Cloud Collected was founded out of a partnership between the founders of SkyRFID and CCSTM Computing.

Having developed a full scope capability over the past 25 years, SkyRFID supports its clients with high-quality, optimal cost hardware components, full requirement real-time tracking and reporting solutions and a global consulting team, across many industry verticals. SkyRFID directly or indirectly assists in the technical design and implementation of hundreds of RFID and sensor technology projects each year, using its Global Sky Partner channel to supply the local implementations and support.

CCSTM Computing created custom software systems for numerous industries for over 15 years. CCSTM has years of Web, Desktop and Mobile development and deployment experience. Customers of CCSTM are delivered original software solutions from start to finish to help them run more efficiently, work more productively and ultimately operate more profitably. CCSTM customers include Lowes, Walmart, Cintas, Amazon.com, Aramark, Hawaiian Airlines and many other large reputable businesses.

Cloud Collected combines the best of both the hardware and software worlds to create true engineered turnkey solutions.

With over 80 years combined experience in aerospace and defense, manufacturing technology, global logistics, and auto-identification solutions we focus on advancing the state of logistics from sensing technology to asset management solutions as a service.

Qualifications and Expertise

Geoffrey Dewhurst – Founder and Chief Architect for SkyRFID Inc. - CEO of Cloud Collected LLC.

Received his Bachelor's Degree in 1972, and has since then completed more than 30 graduate level courses in engineering and computer sciences;

More than 40 years experience in designing and implementing distribution, materials management, logistics and mobile applications for government, food processing, healthcare, distribution, utility, courier, printing, and manufacturing organizations. Including but not limited to Canada Border Services Agency, Canada Revenue Agency, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Hallmark Cards, Enbridge Inc. Home Services, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., Venezuelan PDVSA Control de Combustible

Specializing in the design, engineering and production of automated solutions using Encryption, Wireless, RFID, GPS, Sensor and Biometric technologies with sensors for vertical market applications focused on real time tracking and reporting for past 25 years.

Seth Morecraft - CTO of Cloud Collected LLC.

Founder and Senior Systems Analyst for CCSTM Computing, a Delaware based software development company - CTO of Cloud Collected LLC.

Seth is also an adjunct Professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Delaware where he teaches bachelor and graduate classes such as Assembly, Computer Architecture, Software Architecture and Web Development. With an education background, he is able to assist customers who are looking for solutions they are not familiar with so that they get the best possible fit for their needs. Seth has been designing, implementing and deploying systems for nearly 20 years. He is the software guru behind the Cloud Collected unique and customizable cloud engine as well as data collection agents such as the Cloud Remote XL solution and Cloud Apps for the Alpha 811 RFID Reader.

Tim Shinbara - Lead Solutions Architect of Cloud Collected LLC.

Tim has over 20 years developing and operating in IT/OT environments, supporting manufacturing technology development and implementation projects; including supply chain tracking and visibility. He led Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensing solutions for temperature, proximity and real-time workflow tracking supporting Department of Defense air and space vehicle programs. Tim serves as a Board Officer of the MTConnect Institute and coordinates with several international standard development bodies regarding information and data harmonization across equipment, devices, and factories; the same ecosystem that is now becoming part of logistics and supply chains.

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