Cloud Collected Mission Statement

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Cloud Collected is to utilize automated technology enablers (such as RFID, Wireless, Sensors, Biometrics and more) to provide very high quality real time data collection and presentation - all in a total solution that you can implement and expand easily.

Cloud Collected provides these offerings through our growing partner network and also to end users who have no CC partner locally. All solutions are Cloud based with access using any internet browser device such as cell phones, tablets, workstations and more.

Quality Assurance Statement

Cloud Collected Quality Assurance Program is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by producing the most technically advanced products with the best quality, on-time delivery and service. Management is fully committed to this goal, but to achieve this goal requires the involvement and dedication of every Cloud Collected Partner being committed to "Do the job right the first time"

Customer requirements and expectations in the areas of Quality and Service are becoming increasingly more demanding. Cloud Collected not only intends to meet those requirements and expectations for all, but also exceed them to maintain its world class leadership position.

The standard will be error-free products and error-free performance with a goal of Zero Defects.

Main Vertical Application Markets

Weapons and High Value Military Hardware - Military, Police, Private Forces, Security, Manufacturers

Electronic Vehicle Identification for Vehicle Registration, Fuelling, Tolling, Border Crossing, Parking, Security, Fleet Management, Factory/Dealer Warranty Systems, Access and other vehicle applications

Security Access with or without Asset and Personnel Tracking for rooms, departments, single or multiple facilities, and remote sites Remote Site Asset Management for Utilities, Communication Companies, Equipment, Vehicles, Construction

Mobile Asset Management - Utilities, 1st Responders such as Police, Fire, EMS; Communications, Service and Repair, Vessels, Aircraft, Tour Groups, School Trips and other Events. Virtually any assets or personnel that are mobile

Ports - Vessel and container tracking and identification, port security and safety, assets, personnel, access, container inspections

Oil, Gas, Mining, Large Construction Assets

Asset and Inventory management for single or multi-site locations

In essence Cloud Collected provides Total Solutions as a Service (TSaaS) for Dynamic Asset Management of all types of assets.

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