Cloud Collected Weapons Tracking System

Cloud Weapons Express

Cloud Weapons Express is an RFID Weapons Management System that tracks weapons activity by adopting RFID technology for weapons. Implement paperless issue and audit history in your RFID Armory. Improve the accuracy of cycle counts by utilizing our weapon inventory system. Cloud Collected Smart RFID Weapons Tracking Solutions will retro-fit with your current or new lockers, safes and racks.

RFID Weapons Tracking System provides Dynamic Asset Management (DAM) for weapons and other high value assets including body armor, night vision optics, specialized communications equipment are used by many organizations including Military, Police, Private Forces, Gun Clubs, Manufacturers and other institutions looking to maintain effective management, accountability and reporting of these controlled items. Users expect high standards for the control of these items. While the standards must remain high, the process supporting them needs to be automated to help managers maintain the weapons accountability and security they desire.

Cloud Weapons Express RFID Weapons Tracking System harnesses RFID, Biometric, Wireless and Cloud technologies to ensure weapons are in their correct locations. The system utilizes RFID Armory Management, individual lockers, gun safes, gun racks or other gun storage units for tracking. Weapons can be checked-in or checked-out using different select authentication technologies with all details pushed into the cloud for instant availability to all levels of management for a completely paperless weapons issue and tracking experience. With automated alert action or actions taken based on system configuration, the proper personnel can take actions when notified rather than after the fact. View asset activity and chain of custody issue in real time or run reports and review asset usage at any time.

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Police Weapons

RFID Security for Weapons

RFID Tracking Software automates the management and tracking of weapons and other gear. The system provides an audit trail for weapons inventory. Weapons are valuable assets that come with liabilities. When even just a few weapons disappear, the liability can range from thousands to millions of dollars. RFID systems for weapons improve the way weapons are secured, tracked and recovered. They do this by providing you the chain of custody of last use and assist in locating and recovering the lost weapon utilizing Long Range RFID.

Asset Audit and Maintenance

Our RFID Weapons Tracking System can help quickly locate the weapons you need to conduct maintenance on. This streamlines the upkeep process by reducing the amount of time it takes to locate weapons for preventative maintenance. In addition, the system can track performance tests and maintenance on weapons.

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Weapons Safes

All-Inclusive Package

Cloud Weapons Express™ is a complete smart weapons tracking solution - everything needed to get up and running is provided ready to install. Cloud Collected solutions include:

  • All RFID Hardware including RFID tags for your specific assets
  • All Wireless and Wired Communications Equipment
  • All Software
  • Hardware Support Services for multiple year support
  • Cloud Services (Monthly Subscription or Local Appliance)

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RFID Weapon Tracking Products

Depending on your organization and needs, you may choose different approaches for weapon issue.

If you need to manually scan weapons, either for weapon issue from an armory or inventory purposes, you will need a portable RFID reader to capture your weapons audit trail.

If you would like to have automated weapon audit trails where weapons are read by fixed readers on portals, inside gun safes, lockers or cabinets, then you may choose to use the RTLS system to capture your weapons audit trail.

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Note, these RFID Weapons Tracking Solutions can be used together if you need both options.

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