Manual RFID Weapons Tracking

All-In-One Solution

Cloud Weapons Express Manual is an armory solution designed for weapons and other high value assets that are issued to authorized personnel.
Are some of your weapons stored and accessed through safes or weapons racks? No problem, Cloud Weapons Express Manual can be combined with our Cloud Weapons Express RTLS product line to help automate a portion of your armory.

Cloud Weapons Express is multi-location and multi-site, monitoring weapons and other high value assets that use our asset specific UHF Gen 2 passive RFID tags attached to them and are and are read and written to in real time using Cloud Collected hand held, wall mounted, portal, tablet or cell phone readers.

Cloud based, the RFID enabled system manages weapon transaction data as they are scanned in real time. Administrators can view which equipment was issued to which authenticated personnel and by which personnel at any time; helping you to maintain a Chain of Custody for your high value assets.

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Maintain Weapon Chain of Custody

Depending on your organization, you may choose different approaches for weapon issue to track Chain of Custody on your weapons. If you need to manually scan weapons, either for weapon issue from an armory or inventory purposes, you will need a portable reader. If you would like to have automated weapon issue where weapons are read by fixed readers on portals, inside safes, lockers or cabinets, then you can use our RTLS system. With Cloud Weapons Express, both options can be used together and your system can be expanded at any time. Our Turnkey Solutions as a Service (TSaaS) are fitted to your needs, easy to implement, and capable of expansion at any time.

Portable Readers


Portable readers are required to manually issue a weapon to personnel or take manual inventory of your assets. Portable readers use custom software that ties directly into your cloud system to maintin reports and asset activity in one central location.

We currently provide portable devices in 7" and 10" rugged Tablets, light and heavy duty gun style hand held reader/writers and also cell phone add on readers.

Fixed Readers


Fixed readers will need to be installed at your locations one time and will automate your weapons issue by continiously monitoring your assets. We offer door/window portals, rack antennas, weapon safe antennas that are specifically designed for metal safes and more for use with our system.

The antennas are constantly monitored by the system for any change in status such as detected movement out of or into a monitored location. Any detected movement causes the RTLS reader module to recheck that specific antenna for additional movement. If the movement continues and is deemed by the communications module to be authenticated, the system allows the removal or return of the asset and records the details of the transaction. If the movement is not authenticated then the system goes into alert mode and immediate action is taken.

Manual RFID Weapons Tracking

Portable readers are required to manually issue a weapon to personnel or take manual inventory of your assets. Portable readers use custom software that ties directly into your cloud system to maintin reports and asset activity in one central location.

Cloud Collected Handheld RFID Reader

Our Advanced RFID Handheld Reader is designed to provide the highest quality RFID reads of any portable device on the market both in read distance and speed. The Handheld Reader is used for issuing and returns of weapons, cycle and physical counts and marshaling of weapons for transportation to another location.

  • Barcode, NFC or UHF Card Reader authenticate the users you are issuing equipment to with their card.
  • Inventory Control create physical count reports by scanning assets in a room to determine if they are all present.
  • Transport Assets use the tablet as a location to check assets into the location for marshaling assets.

Portable Reader: Android Reader

This small portable reader is designed to connect to your own Android device. Simply plug the reader into the 3.5 mm earphone plug and activate the Cloud Collected software.

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Weapons and Asset RFID Tag Options

Windshield RFID Tag

Super Tiny Weapons RFID Tag

This small tag fit most revolvers, semi automatic hand guns and machine pistols. Designed specifically to fit inside the grip of hand weapons such as Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Colt, Glock, Taurus, etc and allow the weapon to function correctly. This is the smallest and thinnest RFID metal tag currently made specific to fit inside the grips of a semi-automatic pistol and still allow proper insertion of the magazine.

  • 12 mm x 7 mm x 1.2 mm (0.47" x 0.28" x 0.047")
  • High temperature resistance
  • Shock Tolerance - Max up to 5G, ½ sine pulse, 10 ms duration, 3 axes
  • Vibration Tolerance – Up to 1.5g, 5 to 1000Hz, 3 axes
  • 3 different styles available - standard range metal mount, extended range metal mount and composite material non metal mount.

As more and more weapons are being developed using polymers, ceramics, carbon fiber, and matrix composites, Cloud Collected has developed a super tiny tag for composite weapons. While the tag looks like our standard "Super Tiny Weapons Tag", it actually does not work well on metal, but on composite materials. Only available from Cloud Collected.

Glass Resin Super Thin Weapons RFID Tag

Super thin for use on any weapons or accessories. Light machine guns, machine pistols, hand guns, shot guns, assault rifles this tag thin bevelled form factor can be installed concealed or visible as long as metal does not cover the tag.

  • 30 mm x 10 mm x 1 mm (1.181" x 0.394" x 0.039")
  • Waterproof and dustproof sealed IP68
Tamper-proof/Destructible Windshield RFID Tag
Rear View Mirror RFID Tag

Glass Resin Thin Bevelled Weapons RFID Tag

Bevelled design for use on weapons and accessories where the asset is slide in and out of a container such as a holster or case. Light machine guns, machine pistols, hand guns, shot guns, assault rifles this tag thin bevelled form factor can be installed concealed or visible as long as metal does not cover the tag.

  • 25 mm x 11 mm x 2 mm (0.984" x 0.433" x 0.079")
  • Waterproof and dustproof sealed IP68

Body Armor RFID Tag

Body Armor tags are used specifically for your body armor assets.

  • Can be color matched to vest material and or can be logo'd for organizational identification.
  • The back of the Body Armor tag can contain a bar code and a human readable so it is easy to implement the tag.
Body Armor RFID Tag

We have many more tags available! Contact us about your assets to discuss tag types for them.

Cloud Weapons Express


At the heart of the system lies a powerful cloud based software tool-set that allows users to view real-time data on weapon usage as well as historic reports on personnel and weapons they use. Accessible for authorized users from any device with an internet connection.

Provides a quick real-time, auto-updating view of each locations weapon usage.
Location View
Watch assets move in and out of a location in real time on an auto-updating screen.
Manual Weapons Issue
Our portable readers run custom software that is directly tied to your server system to keep your data in one place.
GPS View
When using a Cloud Tablet to marshal weapons for Chain of Custody, you can review the GPS tracking of the tablet as the trip took place.
Transaction Reporting
Query the system for weapon issue based on Date Range, Location, Asset, or Personnel filters. Other data points include, but are not limited to:
  • - Weapon Class
  • - Make
  • - Model
  • - Guage/Caliber
  • - Serial Number
  • - Last Date Fired
Inventory Reporting
Review inventory reports to highlight which assets are not in the right place.

Easy Setup & Installation

Customize Software
We Customize
Your Solution

Once we determine your requirements, we configure a package to fit into your location.

Components Package
You Receive
the Package

The package will include everything you need to get up and running - from the RFID hardware and RFID tags to all software needed.

Customize Settings

Using our web based cloud software, you manage authorized tags and customize any settings to fit your location(s).

RFID Bevelled Weapons Tag
Place RFID Tag
on Assets

Depending on the tag-type, mount the tag to the assets you are monitoring.

Manual RFID Weapons Tracking

Features and Components

RFID Hardware
RFID Tags Many weapons and asset tags available; contact us to discuss your assets.
RFID Reader UHF Gen 2
Multiple readers per location allowed
RFID Antennas We use customized Safe and Rack antennas for standard installations.
For other installations, your choice of over 50 antenna types depending on your installation needs.
Note: Additional mounting hardware may be required depending on your setup.
Authentication Modules NFC or UHF Reader
Fingerprint Reader
Palm Vein Reader
Cloud Tablet Portable Reader for weapons issue, inventory scanning, marshaling of weapons and more.
NFC and UHF Reader
Fingerprint Reader optional
Temporary Location Services (GPS)
Custom User Interface Software
Local Collection Agents
Mini-PC A Mini-PC will be installed at each location to control all hardware components (RFID Readers/Antennas). Network connectivity must be provided. The Mini-PC communicates with the cloud to determine which tags are authorized and log activity.
Cloud Synchronization Local agents are kept up to date by the cloud. Each location will always have the latest authorized tag information.
If there is a network outage at the location, the software will continue to run in a cached offline mode so that your operations will continue normally.
Cloud Software
User Access - Grant your staff access either by each location or across the entire organization.
- View logs of user activity.
Manage Tags - Upload your assets via a spreadsheet and/or manage them individually.
- Grant or revoke access to a location a per-asset level.
- Add additional data to each tag such as type and owner.
Locations View the status of assets at locations in real time.
Reports View reports showing asset in and out activity by location, date and asset. Review your Chain of Custody for each weapon for each movement it makes. Export reports to Excel or print them for further review.
Alerts Setup SMS or Email alerts from your system for:
- Location outages such as network or power failures.
- Specific tag activity; receive an alert when a specified asset is checked out too long or there is an unauthorized attempt to checked out the asset.
API Looking to synchronize your current asset database system with ours? We offer a full RESTful API that allows you to get your data in real time.
- Asset and Personnel Synchronization
- Asset Activity Data Pulls

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