Facility Personnel Tracking System

All-In-One Solution

Cloud Collected RFID Facility Personnel Tracking solution utilizes RFID tags to track and report the movement activity of personnel in your facility.

Using various customized RFID tags attached to your assets and strategically placed RFID readers, we can determine the real time location of assets within your facility (or even across multiple facilities). With the hardware in place, our software tools can help you:

- Alarm on people in unauthorized areas.
- Quickly know the last location of your personnel in emergencies from any computer or mobile device.
- Automatic checks for employee presence and be notified if they are not.
- Know the employee foot traffic patterns of your facility.
- Make informed decisions on asset placement for your employees in your facility.

If you are looking for an automated way to keep track of your personnel, this is the total solution for you.

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Easy Setup & Installation

Customize Software
We Customize
Your Solution

Once we determine your requirements, we configure a package to fit into your location.

Components Package
Your Receive
the Package

The package will include everything you need to get up and running - RFID hardware, RFID tags and software needed.

Components Package

Components will be installation ready - all you will need to do is attach them to your desired location and run required cables.

Customize Settings

Using our web based cloud software, you manage your locations and personnel and customize any settings to fit your location(s).

Extreme Harsh Environment Metal Mount RFID Tag
Distribute RFID Tags

Depending on the tag-type, distribute your tags to your personnel.

Facility Asset Monitoring

Complete Package

With our simple RFID Total Solutions As A Service (TSaaS), we can provide a real-time view of your personnel movement activity and last known location.

Packages are

  • Standalone Our Total Solutions As A Service (TSaaS) is configured to come with all required hardware and software.
  • Simple to Use Connect to our software from any device with a browser to quickly and easily see personnel activity and run detailed reports.

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RIFD Tag Options (We offer 433 and 2.4 GHz Systems)

Long Range Personnel Badge Tag

Long Range Personnel Badge Tag

Standard ID card footprint for attaching photo identification cards, Dynamic Tag Tracking

  • Up to 5 year battery life warranty. Unique "Sleep" feature
  • Adjustable read range from 2 ~ 200 meters (600 feet) with standard antennas and up to 500 meters ( 1,500 feet) with our special antennas
  • Optional Tamper Switches; Duress Buttons and motion sensing capability
  • Optional built in HIF Prox, iClass, Mifare, DESfire and other RFID IC's
  • Optional Motion Sensor

Long Range Personnel or Patient Bracelet Tag

Attaches to person's wrist or ankle using standard Hospital ID straps

  • Continuously monitored and tracked when used to detect when wearer approaches designated area zones
  • Unique "Sleep" feature provides battery life up to 5 years
  • Tag can be chemically sterilized
  • Adjustable transmission range from 0.6 m to 70 m (2 feet ~ 200 feet)
  • Optional Duress Button - built in membrane push button for manual call applications
Long Range Personnel or Patient Bracelet Tag
Facility Asset Status

Features and Components

RFID Hardware
RFID Tags Many tags to choose from depending on your assets.
RFID Reader 433 mHz or 2.4 GHz
Multiple readers per location allowed
RFID Antennas Choice of many antenna types depending on your installation needs and technology chosen.
Note: Additional mounting hardware may be required depending on your setup.
Local Collection Agents
Mini-PC A Mini-PC will be installed at each location to control all hardware components (RFID Readers/Antennas and Other Interfaces). Network connectivity must be provided. The Mini-PC communicates with the cloud to determine which tags are authorized and log activity.
Cloud Synchronization Local agents are kept up to date by the cloud. Each location will always have the latest authorized tag information.
If there is a network outage at the location, the software will continue to run in a cached offline mode so that your operations will continue normally.
Cloud Software
User Access - Grant your office staff access either by each location or across the entire organization.
- View logs of user activity.
Manage Tags - Upload your authorized tags via a spreadsheet and/or manage tags individually.
- Add additional data to each tag such as name, employee information, etc.
Locations View the status of your locations in real time.
Reports View reports showing personnel activity by location or personnel. Export reports to Excel or print them for further review.
Alerts Setup SMS or Email alerts from your system for:
- Location outages such as network or power failures.
- Specific personnel activity; receive an alert when a specified asset is seen at a location.
API Looking to synchronize your current asset database system with ours? We offer a full RESTful API that allows you to get your data in real time.
- Personnel Synchronization
- Personnel Activity Data Pulls

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