Gated RFID-Enabled Vehicle Access

All-In-One Solution

Don't create inconvenience for yourself when our turnkey RFID solution can provide seamless access to your gated facility. Our RFID Vehicle Access Management solution uses individual RFID tags on a vehicle to observes it's location in relationship to the security gate and provide access when desired.

With our total solution, you can be up and running with minimal effort. First, we determine your needs:

  • Do you want your tags to attach to the vehicle windshield or hang on the rearview mirror?
  • How many gate locations do you want to enable RFID access for?
  • How many lanes for each gate?
  • Do you already have gate hardware (controllers) that we need to integrate with, or do you need to purchase them from us?

We will then configure and ship you the required hardware. You follow our directions to install the system at your location(s).

Next configure the system and then provide your residents with a secure and authorized RFID tag. When their vehicle enters a specified distance of the gate, the gate will open automatically. Site administrators use our software to monitor tag activity and grant or revoke gate access to specific tags.

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Easy Setup & Installation

Customize Software
We Customize
Your Solution

Once we determine your requirements, we configure a package to fit into your location.

Components Package
You Receive
the Package

The package will include everything you need to get up and running - from the RFID hardware and RFID tags to gate hardware and software needed.

Components Package

Components will be installation ready - all you will need to do is attach them to your desired location.

RFID Rearview Hang Tag

Using our web based cloud software, you manage authorized tags and customize any settings to fit your location(s).

RFID Rearview Hang Tag
Place RFID Tag
on Vehicle

Depending on the tag-type, either hang the tag on the vehicle's rearview mirror or attach it on the inside of the vehicle's windshield.

Gated RFID-Enabled Vehicle Access

Complete Package

Our real-time Vehicle Access Management solution is a turnkey solution - we provide everything needed to get up and running. Our solution can be configured to include:

  • RFID Hardware including vehicle RFID tags, antennas and readers
  • Required Gate Hardware or gate controller integration components for your specific needs (optional)
  • All Software
    • Local Gate Access Controller Software (Collection Agents)
    • Remote Cloud Software Service
  • Hardware Support Services for multiple year support (optional)

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RFID-Enabled Vehicle Access Products

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